Paving the way in Smart City infrastructure deployment

Smart cities work in ways that bring together technology, government and society to enable smart economies, mobility, environment, governance and quality of life for people that live in them.


Their diversity will reveal more options and foster creativity among the participants who look to build on this technology.


The technological and behavioural innovations they share with one another will help each city to analyse and optimise their processes and better adapt their plans to meet the needs of their citizens.


Smart Cities can give you savings of millions per annum when the correct technologies are deployed within the network fibre and Wi-Fi infrastructure.


   UK Smart City Deployer

      Technology Integration


  • Bus and Fleet Management
  • Car Park Capacity Monitoring
  • Community Health, Elderly and Patient Remote Monitoring
  • Public Access, E-Government, City’s property maintenance
  • Pollution and Air Quality Monitoring during the day and at peak hours
  • City street lighting and energy consumption monitoring
  • City Drain and River Water levels monitoring
  • On-time and as-required refuse collection across the city
  • CCTV, Security applications, Crowd Monitoring, Assistance in Emergencies
  • Traffic and Road Congestions Monitoring, Traffic divergence in an emergency
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