About JRC Communications Ltd

JRC Communications Ltd was incorporated in 2008 as a closely-held small business. JRC Communications Ltd has rapidly grown beyond initial expectations to become a premier provider of high technology telecommunication infrastructure and cabling services and products.


JRC’s focus is on providing our government and commercial customers with practical solutions to their engineering, technical and professional telecommunication infrastructure problems. We are known for delivering high quality, manufacturer-backed outsourced services through-out the UK and certain overseas countries.


This has enabled JRC's growth from a single consultant to now employing over 45 professionally-trained employees currently on staff. JRC prides itself on its ability to respond quickly to customer’s needs and delivering flexibility, quality, professionalism and dedication in attaining our customer’s goals.


Our many years of combined past and current industry experience have developed core attributes that contain a thoughtful mixture of solid conservative values and plain hard work driven by knowledge. Our management and skilled infrastructure professionals employ innovative high technology approaches that emphasise practicality and cost-conscious solutions.


JRC's corporate headquarters is located in Avonmouth, Bristol and has positioned autonomous satellite offices in close proximity to major customers to expedite responsive “face-to-face” communications. JRC's philosophy and internal structure are geared to supporting a diverse selection of customer needs and delivering superior interim and/or long term telecommunication infrastructure support solutions and services.


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